Course website for CSSS508: Introduction to R for Social Scientists

University of Washington

Charles Lanfear



All homeworks will be created using RMarkdown and uploaded to Canvas as both .html and .rmd files. You are expected to mix in-line R calculations, tables, R output, and plots with text as appropriate. You must use in-line R calculations/references (e.g. with functions like nrow(), mean(), etc.) and may not hard-code any numbers referenced in your text.

Your document should be pleasant for a peer to look at, with some organization using sections or lists, and all plots labeled clearly. Use chunk options echo and results to limit the code and output you show in the .html. Discussion of specific values should be summarized in sentences in your text–not as printed code and output–and rounded (for instance, using round()) so as not to be absurdly precise.

Evaluation of Peer Review

For each homework assignment, completed assignments will be randomly assigned to peer reviewers. They will provide feedback and a score between 0 and 3 points according to the rubric below and the peer review guidelines. 75% of your overall course grade comes from evaluation of homeworks.

Grading Rubric

Homeworks will be evaluated by peers on a 0 to 3 scale. The overall scores are shown below with example situations in bullets below each.

0: Didn’t turn anything in

1: Turned in but low effort, ignoring many directions

2: Decent effort, followed directions with some minor issues

3: Nailed it

When to Contact the Instructor

A number of situations may warrant contacting the instructor:

  1. If you believe you have received an unfair peer review, you can resubmit your homework for evaluation by the instructor. The assignment will be regraded, which may result in a higher, same, or lower grade.
  2. If you wish for more feedback on a particular part of the homework, you can ask the instructor for additional explanation without resubmitting during lab or over email.
  3. If you receive no feedback, the instructor will provide gentle peer review on request.