Pick some relationship to look at in the Gapminder data and write up a .Rmd file investigating that question graphically. You might work with a subset of the data (e.g.ย just Africa). Upload both the .Rmd file and the .html file to Canvas. Include 4 to 8 graphs. All titles, axes, and legends should be labelled clearly (no raw variable names). You must have at least one graph with facet_wrap or facet_grid. You must include at least one manually specified legend. You can use other geoms like histograms, bar charts, add vertical or horizontal lines, etc. You may find this data visualization cheat sheet helpful.

Your document should be pleasant for a peer to look at, with some organization. You must write up your observations in words as well as showing the graphs. Use chunk options echo and results to limit the code/output you show in the .html.