Write up a .Rmd file showing some exploratory analyses of the Swiss fertility data. Upload both the .Rmd file and the .html file to Canvas. You must upload both for credit.

Mix in-line R calculations, tables, R output, and plots with text describing the relationships you see. Include at least one plot and one table. You are encouraged to include more! You must use in-line R calculations/references at least once (e.g. functions like nrow(), mean(), sd(), cor(), median(), min()) and may not hard-code any numbers referenced in your text.

Your document should be pleasant for a peer to look at, with some organization using sections or lists, and all plots labeled clearly. Use chunk options echo and results to limit the code/output you show in the .html. Discussion of specific values should be summarized in sentences in your text—not as printed code and output—and rounded so as not to be absurdly precise (e.g. round x with round(x, 2)).